Familiarisation with a package leaflet


During the assignment, you will learn: 

  • to perceive what information the package leaflet inside the medicine package contains. 
  • to find the required information about the medicine in its package leaflet.
  • to understand that the package leaflet of a medicine is an important source of information to support the correct use of the medicine.

Progress of the assignment 

1. Familiarise yourself with the Sneezix sample package leaflet.

2. Answer the following questions based on the package leaflet: 

  • What is the name of the medicine, and what is its active substance? 
  • What is the strength of the medicine, and what is its pharmaceutical form (e.g. ointment, capsule)? 
  • When does the medicine expire, when can you no longer use it? 
  • For what kinds of purposes can you use the medicine? 
  • How much of the medicine can an adult take?
  • Children of what age can use the medicine, and how much of it can they take? 
  • To whom is the medicine not recommended without the doctor’s instructions? 
  • How is the medicine taken? 
  • Can the medicine have adverse effects? 
  • How is the medicine stored? 

3. Talk about these together: Why should you familiarise yourself with the package leaflet of the medicine before starting to take the medicine?

For the teacher

It is a good idea to reserve one lesson for this assignment. The assignment can be implemented in a group or alone. The aim is to discuss the principles of the correct use of medicines through familiarisation with the package leaflet and the information in it. The assignment supports objectives O8 and O14 and content area C2 of environmental studies for students in grades 3–6 in the Finnish National core curriculum.    

This assignment is suitable to be taught together with the assignment Familiarisation with a medicine package.

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