Headache group assignment


During the assignment, you will learn: 

  • To assess the causes of headache. 
  • To assess treatment methods for headache. 
  • What things you should know about your medicine so that you can use it correctly.
  • How to find the information on the package leaflet of the medicine. 


The interactive ThingLink-image forms a numerical learning path that explores issues related to headache and the correct use of medicines. You can open the ThingLink image in a new tab here.

The sample package leaflet 

Paingone 200 mg tablets (pdf)

Progress of the assignment

Scenario phase

Consider what could cause headache. Have you had a headache and for what reason? For example: 

  • Do I have poor posture when I work? 
  • Has something unusual happened in my life? 
  • Have I eaten healthily? 
  • Have I drunk enough water? 
  • Have I been outdoors enough?
  • Have I stayed up late? 
  • Have I slept well? 
  • Have I been watching television, a computer monitor or a cell phone screen for a long time?

Research phase

“Liisa’s headache does not go away even if she eats and goes outdoors for a while. She calls her mother, who is at work, and they decide together that she needs to take a headache medicine.” 

What must Liisa check about the medicine before taking it?  

Take a look at the Checklist for using medicine page. Look in the sample package leaflet  for the important information related to the Paingone 200 mg tablets. Discuss this information together.

Decision-making phase 

Discuss together what to look for in order to use medicines correctly. When you should go to the doctor’s office due to a headache?


For the teacher

It is a good idea to reserve one lesson for this assignment. The assignment can be implemented in a group or in pairs. This assignment supports the health education objective O6 and O8 and content area C2 of the Finnish national core curriculum. 

As background material, read the Correct use of medicines pages of the Medicines Education section. The teacher and the pupils should also familiarize themselves with headache and its treatment together in advance.

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