The Package leaflet group assignment


During the assignment, you will learn:  

  • To understand that the package leaflet of a medicine is an important source of information to support the use of the medicine. 
  • To assess the possible adverse effects of the medicine and how common they are. 


Gap-filling assignment  

The Package leaflet group assignment (pdf)
The sample package leaflets (pdf)

Progress of the assignment 

Scenario phase

Discuss, have you ever read the package leaflet of a medicine? Why is the package leaflet in the medicine package? What information is available in the package leaflet? 

Research phase

Select a package leaflet to examine and find answers to the following questions:  

  • What is the purpose of use of the medicine?  
  • How does the medicine have an effect?  
  • How is the medicine taken?
  • What adverse reactions can the medicine have?
  • Is it stated in connection to the adverse reactions which of them are common and which are rare?
  • In your opinion, how many users can have a common adverse reaction? What about a rare one? 

Decision-making phase

Discuss why it is important to read the package leaflet of the medicine before using the medicine? What did you learn about possible adverse reactions to the medicine, what can the adverse reactions be like? Give grounds for your answers. 


For the teacher

It is a good idea to reserve one lesson for this assignment. The assignment can be implemented in a group or in pairs. As background material, read the Reliable information about medicines and the Are you using your medicine correctly pages of the Medicines Education section. This assignment supports the health education objective T6 and content area S2 of the Finnish national core curriculum. 

In a joint discussion, it should be emphasised that it is important to read the package leaflet before using the medicine and to keep the package leaflet as long as the medicine is in use. It is also a good idea to discuss the possible adverse effects of medicines in more detail. For example: What is meant by common and rare adverse reactions to medicines?


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