Collaboration on Medicines Education

The UKK Institute and the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea collaborate on medicines education of children and young people. The medicines education material drawn up by Fimea was published on the Terve koululainen website in January 2022.

The aim of the collaboration is to better reach the target group of the material, in other words, teachers and pupils in comprehensive school, and to convey reliable and unbiased information on the pharmaceutical sector to citizens.

Medicines Education material

The medicines education material offers versatile learning material aimed at teachers and pupils of comprehensive schools:

Copyright information

The copyright of the Medicines Education Material belongs to the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. The Medicine Education Material is open to the general public. The material may be browsed, copied, reproduced and translated or used as a background material. The information may not be resold or used for commercial purposes. Fimea must always be mentioned as the original author of the material.

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