The story ”Little Teddy Bear’s ear boo-boo”


During the assignment, pupils learn that: 

  • medicine can cure and prevent illnesses and alleviate symptoms. 
  • you must complete the entire course of antibiotics to ensure that the treated illness is definitely cured.


The boy is starting to eat pancakes. The girl reminds that the boy is on a course of antibiotics and the tablet should be taken on an empty stomach according to the instructions in the package leaflet.


For the teacher

It is a good idea to reserve half a lesson for this assignment.This assignment supports the environmental science objective O8 and content area C5 of the Finnish national core curriculum for grades 1–2.

Progress of the assignment:

1.  The teacher reads the story aloud and stops at the marked places. During the pauses, the pupils act according to the instructions depending on whether it is acted correctly (x-jump) or wrong (squat) in the story. After each break, the teacher shows the correct answer by showing x-jump or squat his- or herself.

2.  Discuss the events of the story and the following general issues related to the pupils’ own experiences:

  • What things medicine can do other than alleviate symptoms and cure illnesses. (Medicines and vaccines can also prevent illnesses.)
  • For what illnesses have the pupils taken medicine?
  • Has the medicine alleviated the symptoms, cured the illness, or prevented an illness?

The Story 

Little Teddy Bear is going to bed after a day at school. Mama Bear tucks him into bed, but he can’t sleep. For several days now, he has had the flu, and it’s getting worse. Even his hear has started to hurt. But Little Teddy Bear does not want to bother Mama Bear’s evening routine, so he keeps quiet. (PAUSE: Squat)  

Finally, the pain becomes too much, and he calls for Mama Bear. Mama Bear touches Little Teddy Bear’s forehead, and it feels warm. Little Teddy Bear has a fever. He is sad: “I can’t go to school tomorrow!” Mama Bear brings a painkiller and gives it to him to help with the pain. Little Teddy Bear feels cold and wants more blankets. (PAUSE: Squat)  

But Mama Bear knows better: if you have fever, it is better to keep yourself cool, because that lowers the fever. “Tomorrow morning we will go and see the doctor”, she says. The next morning Little Teddy Bear goes to visit the doctor’s office with Mama Bear. Little Teddy Bear is a bit nervous: “I wonder what the doctor will say?” The doctor examines his ear. “It’s an ear infection all right”, he says. He prescribes antibiotics for Little Teddy Bear. “Remember to complete this course of medicine, or five days”, the doctor says. “The bacteria that caused the ear infection will then be sure to die, and you will get better”. Little Teddy Bear promises to do this. (PAUSE: X-jump)  

On the way home, they visit a pharmacy. Little Teddy Bear wants to go to the pharmacy, too, and talk about his medicine in the pharmacy. (PAUSE: X-jump)  

Little Teddy Bear hands the prescription to the pharmacist and tells her that his ear hurts. “Well, the medicine will make you feel better quickly”, says the pharmacist. Preparing the medicine takes a little time. The pharmacist tells how the bottle must be shaken always before taking the medicine. They also talk with the pharmacist about how the course of antibiotics is to be taken regularly. When Little Teddy Bear takes it in the morning at around eight o’clock before going to school, he is to take it again at eight in the evening before going to bed. At home, Mama Bear gives Little Teddy Bear liquid antibiotics. She draws 10 milliliters of the medicine into a syringe from which Little Teddy Bear takes the medicine into his mouth. “Ugh, that tastes bad”, Little Teddy Bear says. “I don’t want to eat any more of this!” (PAUSE: Squat)  

“Oh yeah, I will get better only if I complete the entire course of medicine”. The next morning, Little Teddy Bear asks, “Mama, can I have my medicine so that I will get better?” (PAUSE: X-jump)  

Even if the medicine tastes slightly bad, Little Teddy Bear takes it every day for five days. After taking the medicine, he always drinks a glass of water. The medicine cures his ear. Once his fever has gone down and he feels better, Little Teddy Bear can go back to school. 

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